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Do you want to stay on top of your competition? Get MAX onboard, improve your sailing and get ready to win! Unlock the most accurate data on the water with Sailmon MAX and analyze, compare and learn from your performance with the analytical Sailmon App.

Sailing with our wireless display gives you the opportunity to sail faster, higher, and starting better - based on facts during and after the race. Our MAX expert Rosalie is happy to show you the benefits of sailing with us.


Discover all the features that make you outstand your competition with MAX

Boatspeed, heading, heel, pitch, SOG, augmented TWD, distance to line, VMG calculation, and much more. Get surprised how much data MAX can show - real-time or after you finished your training/race. Reliable data thanks to the world's best sensors and GPS and presented it the way you like due our innovative Page Builder.

Book a meeting with our sailing expert Rosalie and discover in just 15 or 30 minutes how MAX can help you improve sailing.

Three most appreciated learnings during our demo

Clients are very often amazed by the power of MAX and the Sailmon App after a short demo by our MAX experts. Sign up and find out for yourself;

  • What powerful metrics and data MAX will provide for your next training or race;
  • How to easily use the insights to your advantage by using the free Sailmon app;
  • How to use the free Sailmon App to analyze your performance and compare it to others;
  • Find out how to mount MAX on your boat and get started.

This is why winners sail with us

Book a meeting with Rosalie today and find out why even the medal-winning sailors below choose for MAX.


Kyle Langford

¨The added functionality that you don´t get on other displays such as heel and pitch are nice to reference when the boat is feeling good.¨


Tom Slingsby

''I have been using the max on my moth and it has been great. Boatspeed, TWA and heel angle are the three graphics I display when racing and it works great.''


Dylan Fletcher

”The refresh is so quick, it reminds me of sailing the F50. Such good quality systems. It makes the difference on the Moth. Absolutely love it!¨